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Home Stay, which can offer all the comforts of the Home

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

It is always a challenge to find a Home outside Home, outside Home Town, outside our comfort zone. What if you can find a Home Stay, which can offer all the comforts of the Home, near to your work area in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, near to commute places like Outer Ring Road, Old Mumbai Highway, close to banks, groceries, shopping malls , movies, parks , gyms, restaurants, pubs and to all the happening areas around ? We definitely like to reserve such place as long as it is Neat, Clean, Elegant, Spacious and Hygienic, right ?

Welcome to the Sasya Elite . We are not a regular Paying Guest or Hostel kind of setup and we don’t want to be called by those names either. We are a small boutique hotel who happen to offer its rooms for those folks who do not want to live in the regular PGs or Hostels with the misty rooms without ventilation or cleanliness; but are on the lookout for Longer Stays in a neat, clean and elegant environment with ample ventilation. We are open to those tenants who value neatness, cleanliness and want to spend a quality time outside their homes, far away from their near and dear ones.

Here, we offer all the amenities of a comfortable home, ready to move in without worrying about the nitty gritty items like cots, beds, bedsheets, pillows, buckets, or dust bins. We provide each and every item for your comfortable stay at a very reasonable cost. We also provide 32-inch Flat TV for your entertainment. We provide high speed internet, lift, diesel generator backup for an uninterrupted work flow.

From a services perspective, we do offer regular maintenance and deep cleaning sessions as an added bonus. A shared kitchen is made available for all your cooking needs. If you want, you can even engage a personal chef as per your taste buds.

Want More during this pandemic affected era ? We offer only single and double occupancies to facilitate clean and hygienic environments in the rooms and in the surroundings. We don’t want to be crowded as in normal hostels and Paying Guest Accommodations. We want to promote Elite Living and towards this end, we have introduced the concept of Service Clusters.

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