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To many of us, the process of renting a home can be quite daunting. Screening units, making appointments for viewing, assessing the surroundings and finally evaluating all the options can be pretty time-consuming and tiring.


Easy Move-in

Move in to your apartment in just 30 minutes after a quick move-in audit.

Flexible Tenure

We welcome you for as short a stay as 3 months and also Long Stay. If you wish to rent with us, get quote today and inform us length of your stay. We give you the best price matching from other competitors. 

We are determined in standing firm on delivering quality, spacious and comfortable living spaces, elevating your overall stay experience and offering you the value- for-money lodging experience. All units come with hotel amenities such as high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchenette, safe box, housekeeping and cleaning, high quality linen, security, concierge services. etc. You can also pay rental using your credit card! How rewarding it is!


Relaxing at Home

Flexible Rental Plans

Planning a weekend getaway at cosy, comfortable suites? Book with us here!

Work Desk
Long Term Stay

There is a wide range of long-term accommodation

for students, expats and young professionals. Search through long-term rentals: rooms and choose what suits you best.

Get a Quote

Searching for a student apartment or that ideal private room near the university for your internship or your new job, everyone has a different idea of what’s important for their accommodation. For some, it’s all about the price and staying within a strict budget, while for others, location is absolutely crucial. We got you covered with all that go ahead and fill the form below. We will get back to you. 

Thanks for submitting!
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